Bluebell woods

Seeing the emerging, vivid green woodland canopy with a carpet of  bluebells beneath is a spring highlight that, for me,  brings hope each year that nature will ultimately always triumph over the foolish ape that wants to dominate her at all costs.

As  flower with its greatest worldwide densities in the ancient woodlands of the UK, Hyacinthoides non-scripta  is so embedded in our national psyche that the National Trust has created a page highlighting the best Bluebell sites up and down the land.

I’ve been told of a couple of local bluebells woods, with long, convoluted directions of which country lanes to park on, where to start walking and for how long. A map with “X” marking the spot would be so much easier, and somehow more appropriate for this natural treasure.

For the record:

This week I have mostly been digging up and replanting blind daffodils in my woodland (the rabbits have eaten the 200 or so bluebell bulbs that my neighbour planted some years back); and sowing a wild flower seed packet border in the empty drive bed that’s awaiting funds for the planned plants. I’ve also made a start on the bog garden planting with some siberian iris and ostrich fern. So far untouched by the pesky rabbits. Next phase of planting here will hopefully be some Japanese Primroses. I may plant one sacrificial test primrose to see if it disappears overnight… and if it doesn’t, whether it will tolerate my slightly alkaline soil.




2 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Stoke By Nayland Bluebell Wood is worth a look – behind the playing field. We had news of Bluebells on Norwich Road in Ipswich almost every front garden just by the shops! Lovely blog, I will contine reading and enjoying the photos.

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