The Thrill of the [Pur]chase

Primrose appleblossom

Primrose “apple blossom”, before it was divided into three and planted out this week

I’m always on the look out for my next plant hit. And if that hit is discounted, it’s frankly impossible to resist. I did try to quit for a few more months. The Stream Garden is so newly planted (only six months old) that I wanted to give everything a chance to fill out this spring before making a few planned choices. However, the red 50% stickers are designed to entice, after all…

Some are a bit sniffy about reduced plants. I reckon use your common sense. I bought some half – price Miscanthus sinensis “Strictus” from RHS Hyde Hall recently and it looks dead now, but give it 6 months and it’ll be looking splendid as a spiky, stripy contrast to the Selinum wallichianum cow parsley like froth (if I can keep the slugs and snails from devouring said Selinum). I am concerned about the eventual height and spread though – the Miscanthus  label states 1m (good), but RHS website reckons more like  2m which would tower ridiculously over the hedge it’s next to… (not so good).  It would be crazy not the buy the 50 p.c. off hybrid Hellebores: a total star of the winter garden which will last for years. The thick, noodle like roots were perfect – stretched out far below the pot once unraveled into deep, damp soil; just what they love.

Lidl are extracting my cash, too. A Magnolia tree for £5? Yes, please. (No label though – will have to wait and see which variety it turns into). Ditto Lilac and Spiraea bushes for £3.50 a pop.  I’m sure I’ll find a spot for them somewhere. And If the rabbits eat them, well, for that price, I won’t  want to shoot them I’ll get over it. Then there was the little tray of Box. I’m going to divide up all the little twiglets from each of the six plug pots  and grow them on in small pots: that’s 24 plants for £3.99. 16p a plant. Hardly worth the bother of taking cuttings when you can buy at that price.  Even if the box blight strikes, I’ll get over it. Now, I just need to figure out where to put 48 box plants (yes, yes, I went back for more. 16p, I tell you! 16p!!). See “Take the Box” for my Box – related plans.

Even the Queen of  Retailers, Waitrose herself,  has some plant bargains if you look hard enough. I spotted some Primula “Primlet White” and Primrose “Apple blossom” (pictured above) : three plants for £4, (once I’d divided up the little plants from the big £4 pot).

Most of these lovelies have gone into the earth this week, ready to race away as the sunlight lingers ever longer and the mercury slowly rises.


2 thoughts on “The Thrill of the [Pur]chase

  1. I rescue things from ‘death row’ in garden centres. Often 10p or less per plant. Got my dad some asparagus this way, which he harvested for years before inadvertently killing, and also bought lots of other filler plants which plump out the bedding area admirably. This is why I am not allowed near garden centres anymore…. 🙂

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