Reaching a milestone birthday brings your life into a sharper focus. Time’s spent pondering what’s been and what’s coming in a way that doesn’t happen during the daily/ weekly/ monthly routine. I either have, or am pretty close to, passing midsummer and the  days are getting shorter, what do I want to achieve before the lights go out completely?

And that’s why I’m here. It’s taken me nigh on 40 years to work out what really makes me tick.

This is it, folks. Confession time… I’m an…  Obsessive Compulsive Gardener (or OCG for short). I spend my waking (and sometimes even sleeping) hours either doing it, thinking about it, planning it, researching it or visiting other OCG’s gardens.

My epiphany milestone moment? Why not turn the hours of rumination into not just a (hopefully) beautiful garden but also record the journey’s up’s and down’s; successes and failures. Share the garden visits; review the books. I’ll enjoy the process. Who knows where this could lead? That feels exciting.

So… welcome to my Gardening Lark. I plan to post  words  and pictures each week until further notice. Sharing garden visits, border planning, design, plant reviews, book reviews, maintenance calendars, achievements and failures, general musings and of course, lots of lovely photos.


It’s confession time

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